Guram G. Chikhladze is a specialist in emission and reception of EM Waves and related devices. He got his PhD degree from I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in Physics. He is permanently involved in research process in signed fields of sciences. He has published up to 60 scientific papers as in National scientific journals as in prestigious journals abroad. He executed several investigations within the scopes of international (ISTC) and local (Rustaveli Scientific Foundation) Grants, participated in more than 10 international scientific conferences and symposiums. At the same time, he is the member of Publishing Board of international scientific journal “Nano Studies”. He has carried out translations of several huge textbooks from English to Georgian. Together with scientific activities, Guram G. Chikhladze many years provides the active pedagogical activities, having grown hundreds of specialists in different branches of techniques. He is the author of more than 20 textbooks and number of methodic works.  Guram G. Chikhladze is the real member of two local Academies of Science, the Academician. He is IEEE member (USA) as well.

Research Fields & Interests: Investigation of electromagnetic radiation/emission in different media, Penetration of EM waves through wave guides investigations/studies of emission antennas of different types.